Saturday, September 5, 2009

Six attributes of super entrepreneurs and how you can develop them

1.Invention-it is really problem solving.Often the super entrepreneurs are following a natural instincy to make something better or do something different.They are also aware of market trends and are able to meet or even create new trends, this is what makes them super entrepreneurs instead of just entrepreneurs.
To become a super entrepreneur -look for opportunities where you can solve an exsistingproblem.

2.Inner Drive-There is a blind passion in super entrepreneurs, they are able to block out negative words like no and can't.If they believe in something they will go ahead and do it.They enjoy success.
To become a super entrepreneur-Get involved in an area or industry that you love. You could try to get coaching and mentoring.

3.Courage-it is a vital part of the make up of all super entrepreneur. They need this because they are often forerunners.
To become a super entrepreneur-Courage is not the absence of fear. It is the willingness to act despite the fear. Work on improving your self confidence and you will probably find that it is easier to take the necessary action.

4.Resilience and persistance-If you want to become a super entrepreneur yoou must be able to take a fall and bounce back.

5.Self discipline-Super entrepreneurs are the people who are busy getting ahead while everyone else is relaxing.Their lives are well planned. They know how to prioritise and even spend time generating ideas.
To become a super entrepreneur-before you begin any kind of business you should identify your personal reasons as to why this business is important to to you. Draw a picture in your mind of what your life will like without this business.

6.Increadible Time Management-and understand that they need a good work/life balance. They also spend their money wisely.
To become a super entrepreneur, stay focused.

To sum up this article this is my advice : Find ways of staying positive. Develop an allergy to words like cannot,will not and impossible. Once again a good life coach can help you.

This article was originaly written for succeed magazine by Hennie Scheepers
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