Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Action Plan Day 3-Setting Up a blog

Now that you have a niche and a product to target that niche, it is time to set up your mini-site or blog to promote your product. Do the following :
  • Open an account at http://www.blogger.com/ and follow the instructions
  • Give your blog a name -the name must be related to the niche you have chosen
  • Place keywords on the blog title
  • Write an article of about 400-600 words and post it to your blog.
(Do not worry much about aticle writing at these stage, I will discuss the the proper ways to do article marketing or bum marketing, the strategies later on) Now that you have a functioning blog, you need to place affiliate links to your blog, to earn money.
How To Insert an Affiliate Marketing banner into a blogger blog

The best place to put your affiliate banner is on the header of your blog.
Do the following :
  • Login to blogger.com and Navigate to Layout > Edit HTML page of your blog.
  • On the Edit HTML page you will see the option to back up your template by downloading it to your system. I strongly advise that you take this opportunity to backup as you are about to make a change to your template where if something goes wrong you may not be able to restore it.
  • Once you have backed up your template place a check in the Expand Widget Templates box Search your template and locate the following lines of code within the header section of the template:        (note you can search by using CTRL + F and entering into the search box <b:includable id='main'>

  • Now insert the following 2 lines of code directly below id="main">and before
 <b:includable id='main'> and before <b:if cond='data:useImage'>

<div class='ads'>


  •  Place your merchant affiliate code between the lines of code you just inserted. You will need to copy the code from the affiliate program provider to your template.
     <div class='ads'>PLACE YOUR BANNER CODE HERE


  • Review the code you have entered.

  • When you are sure you have correctly inserted the code into the template scroll up until you find this line in your template ]]&gt;
  • Immediately before this line add the following lines: /* Header Banner ----------------------------------------------- */ #header .ads{width:480px; height:80px; float:right; padding:20px 0px 0px 0px}
  • Click on Save Template.
  • Click on View Blog to view your new banner.
On the upcoming tutorials ,I will be teaching you how to set up Wordpress blog, how to look for a domain name, which hosting companies to use,how to design a simple one page website, how to design a squeeze page,e.t.c- This are all advance strategies . In the mean time , let us stick to the simple free methods to generate income. That is enough for today, this is what to expect in the next tutorial :
  1. How to drive targeted traffic to your blog
  2. How to write articles-step by step methods, where to post your articles
  3. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategies
  4. Best place to advertise your blog (classified sites, forums, ezines, e.t.c)
  5. How to use WEB 2:0 properties to generate massive traffic to your blog-I am talking about using the following sites to driver traffic to your blog : squidoo, wetpaint, hubpages, wordpress blogs, facebook, twitter, myspace
  6. The importance of social bookmarking
  7. How to ping your posts
  8. Google Adwords
  9. Advance secret strategies
Take action, and make success of your life. Visit the following blog for everything yo need to know about the blogger blog :http://blogknowhow.blogspot.com/

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